Our Services

Keeping focus on an operation but at the same time relate to a constantly changing world is a balancing act in itself. Different efforts are needed in different situations. Franly Advisory listens to your needs, provides recommendations on how an effort may need to be formed and works close to our clients throughout the assignment. Franly Advisory places a high value on usefulness, dialogue and results that are both useful and sustainable for the client as well as for the society at large.


Examples of services are:

  • Analyses
  • Evaluations, process and follow-up evaluations
  • Management consulting
  • Qualified investigations
  • Interview studies
  • Market analyses
  • Policy and regulatory development
  • Business and organizational issues
  • Public Affairs
  • Strategic communication
  • Governance
  • Moderator assignments
  • Workshop leader
  • Speaker on local and regional development in EU-perspective

Examples of thematic areas:

  • International cooperation / EU-policy development
  • Enterprise policy
  • Climate, environmental and energy issues
  • Research and innovation
  • International development work
  • Local growth strategies, cross-border regional partnerships
  • Business development and establishments / expansion
  • Foreign direct investments in the Nordic market
  • Public financing issues

Some typical clients are:

  • Local / regional public actors
  • Companies and business associations in the Nordic countries
  • Foreign-owned companies with interest in the Nordic region
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • National and international authorities, ministries and organizations
  • Investigation / research / academia-related actors



Our Idea Generation Projects

A couple of project ideas have recently been initiated and are currently being evaluated in order to estimate their durability and needs.

Current themes are related to:

  • EU and its future
  • Better capturing of publicly funded projects’ results.

Information on ongoing projects will be posted here.

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