Keeping focus on an operation but at the same time relate to a constantly changing world is a balancing act in itself. Franly Advisory listens to your needs, provides recommendations on how an effort may need to be designed and works closely to our clients throughout the assignment. Franly Advisory puts a great value on usefulness, dialogue and results that are both useful and sustainable for the client as well as for the society at large.    

Examples of typical clients are:

  • Local / regional public sector
  • Companies and busienss associations
  • Foreign-owned companies with interest in the Nordic region
  • Civil society, associations
  • National and international auhorities and governments
  • Investigation / research / academic related actors

Examples of thematicc areas:

  • Business development
  • Innovation and R&D related topics
  • Local and regional development
  • Cultural heritage and environment
  • Cross-border regional partnerships
  • Business establishment and expansions
  • International trade and foreign direct investments in the Nordic market
  • EU-topics, e.g. funding structures, cohesion policy 
  • International cooperation


A strategic approach is the basis for a successful result but that requires decisions on the right things at the right time. 

Strategic counceling is offered in terms a variety of services, such as:

  • Analyses
  • Evaluations
  • Qualified investigations
  • Market analyses
  • Policy and regalutory development
  • Business and organsiatonal management
  • Public Affairs
  • Strategic communication
  • Governance

Process management

When many perspectives need to be taken care of and several actors are involved, the assignments require a process that leads, listens and controls. Examples of services:

  • Arrangement of meetings, participants - both strategic and operational 
  • Conversation host /chair
  • Workshop leader
  • Interview studies
  • Design and implementation of entire process


Moderation services is offered to conferences, workshops etc arranged in different formats such as on-site or digital.

Thematic topics are for example: 

  • Local and regional development in an EU-perspective 
  • International foreign direct investments
  • Organisations' adaptation to international factors