In life, at work, in relationships and in many other situations, the obstacles can sometimes feel high, it may be difficult to know how to go forward, or it may be time to change tracks, but perhaps it is tricky to know how to orientate your self – which direction and how to go about?

Coaching is a powerful form of conversation that helps those who are looking for change and are willing to open up and test untested thoughts and capture new insights. I am a Certified Coach, ICF International Coaching Federation. As a coach I have some keys that can unlock your unexplored perspectives. You will contribute with your thoughts, ideas and your desire to create change. I am your guide and will be your ”travel guide”. You will experience an efficient way to move forward.

A coaching session lasts about 60-80 minutes. The number of coaching sessions can vary, but with several conversations, you have the opportunity to go in-depth. We always start with a start-up short digital meeting so that we can get to know each other first.

I offer different types of coaching sessions:

  • Package of 5-8 occasions (reduced price)
  • Solitary occasions
  • Coaching talks in beautiful premises in central Stockholm, 4 minutes walk from Östermalmstorg's subway station
  • On-line digital coaching
  • I also offer dog-assisted coaching, which means that both I and my licensed social service dog, work in the coaching conversation with you. See more about that below.

Feel free to contact me and we will find the right form of coaching for you!


I offer dog-assisted coaching - a goal-oriented effort that focuses on the participant's personal development, insight and function as well as the desire for change. I am both a Certified Coach - ICF International Coaching Federation and a licensed social service dog-team together with the dog Blanka. We welcome you in beautiful premises in central Stockholm.

Research and evaluations highlight the importance of social service dogs and their positive impact on people's lives. In our work, we strive to increase the quality of life for people in different situations, for example by contributing to:

  • create calm and focus
  • create good conversations and strengthen the ability to build relationships
  • open up to new perspectives and thoughts
  • increase self-esteem and motivation to develop
  • reduce depression
  • lowering blood pressure and increase oxytocin (hormone that creates well-being)

With their loyalty and ability to give unconditional love, social service dogs are an invaluable resource for us humans. Welcome to be coached by us!


"With a great deal of curiosity and a structured and professional approach, I received a very good support from Francisca. She helped me sorting and navigating my thoughts and reflections, which made me stronger after our coaching meetings."

BP, Stockholm


"Francisca is a very talented, responsive and professional coach who has a genuine interest in helping other people. With warmth and professionalism, Francisca invites you to a conversation in a safe environment where you can open up and talk about what you want."

44-year-old, Stockholm


"A person who sees you, listens and wants the best for you, you can feel it. Formulates questions, supports and encourages."

HG 51 years, Stockholm